Energy Policy In Britain

  • David Newbery
Part of the Surrey Energy Economics Centre book series (SEECE)


We live in exciting times. British Gas has been privatised, and throughout Europe governments are now actively considering the privatisation of state-owned energy utilities. Both the Electricity Supply Industry and British Coal have been suggested as candidates for privatisation or partial privatisation. How sound is the case for such a move, and what advice can an economist give on the best way to achieve the claimed benefits of privatisation? British Gas is now subject to regulation, rather than the former system of control as a nationalised industry, and everywhere the question of how best to regulate or control utilities is on the agenda. Under the 1983 Energy Act, private companies can supply electricity for sale under specified terms to the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB), or for transmission to other consumers. How far does this provide the competitive pressure argued to be necessary for efficiency in the utilities, or are further steps desirable?


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