• Robert Skidelsky
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That Keynes found the concept of intuition difficult, I would not deny. Which philosopher has not? I would not put too much weight on ‘Miscellanea Ethica’ in isolation. It was, after all, a rather disjointed series of jottings he made in the summer of 1905, and it needs to be taken in conjunction with his other early writings. But if you actually look at the discussion of intuition in ‘Miscellanea Ethica’, Keynes distinguishes between what a person can think and feel, given his peculiar constitution, and what people ought to think and feel in similar circumstances. This seems very close to the distinction between actual beliefs and rational beliefs in the Treatise on Probability. So I would not agree, without further evidence, that he changed his views on the nature of intuition between 1905 and 1908.


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