Farewell to Europe, 1939–40

  • Charles Doyle


Although he had complained to Orioli about his slender means in November 1938, Aldington’s financial situation was not as precarious as he made out. Netta had just inherited a legacy of $2500 and he reported to Leonard Bacon on 2 January 1939 that the Viking Press, to whom he had switched from Doubleday, had recently advanced him $1500. He had also unexpectedly received $300 in Continental royalties. As to the future, C. P. Snow spent a couple of days at the Villa Koeclin early in January and the question came up of Aldington’s taking a ‘chair’ at Cambridge, an idea said to be supported by J. B. Trend and F. L. Lucas. He therefore was entertaining thoughts of abandoning total financial reliance on writing and of entering academic life, and not merely as a means of moving to the United States. Nothing came of the Cambridge idea, but he had the foresight to apply for quota numbers for himself and family, necessary for entering the United States as landed immigrants.


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