The Novel “Tess” Restored and Published

  • Thomas Hardy


At the beginning of January he was at home arranging A Group of Noble Dames for publication in a volume. He was also in London a part of the month, where he saw “what is called sunshine up here—a red-hot bullet hanging in a livid atmosphere—reflected from window-panes in the form of bleared copper eyes, and inflaming the sheets of plate glass with smears of gory light. A drab snow mingled itself with liquid horsedung, and in the river puddings of ice moved slowly on. The steamers were moored, with snow on their gangways. A captain, in sad solitude, smoked his pipe against the bulk-head of the cabin stairs. The lack of traffic made the water like a stream through a deserted metropolis. In the City George Peabody sat comfortably in his easy chair, with snow on the folds of his ample waistcoat, the top of his bare head, and shoulders, and knees.”


Dust Europe Amid Smoke Dine 


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