A Static Explanatory Model of International Labour Migration to and in Western Europe

  • Willem Molle
  • Aad van Mourik
Part of the Confederation of European Economic Associations book series


In his book Studies in the Theory of International Trade, Viner wrote:

Particularly in the field of immigration of labour, to whose vast specialised literature, as far as I know, no international trade theorist except Ohlin has made any contribution of consequence, it would probably sound like passing strange doctrine to the specialists in the field that they really were encroaching all the time on the legitimate boundaries of the theory of international trade. But it may be taken for granted, that the specialists in industrial history or in immigration would welcome with open arms any genuine contribution to the analysis and solution of their problems which any specialist in international trade theory has within its power to make. (Viner, 1967, p. 601)


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  • Aad van Mourik

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