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On the Road Again

  • Bill Coleman


There were some rough times in store for me in 1958. Among them was a tour of Italy. Burnier, the Italian organizer of the tour, had engaged Albert Nicholas (clarinet), Don Byas (tenor sax), who was now living in Amsterdam, and the trio of Michel Hausser, which consisted of Ricardo Galleazzi, an Argentinian bass player who was also a fine trombone man; Dante Agostini, an Italian drummer who was born in France and never had been to Italy before; and Gerard Gustin on piano. Michel Hausser was a real gifted vibraphone player and accordionist. He was one of the three best vibraphonists in France. (The others were Geo Daly and Dany Doriz.) Michel’s style was formed on that of Milt Jackson. He was a nice fellow, full of fun.


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