Back to Peru — the miraculous seeds



It took a lot of work and time for Ledger to sort out the most urgent among all his unsolved problems. Frederick Olliver, the serious respected general merchant, known and esteemed by everybody in Sydney, was not very fond of Charles. He probably could not understand — let alone appreciate — Charles’s visionary disposition: there was too much of it, in his judgement, and he could not trust Charles. Yet he was there to make sure that the financial arrangements to be made by Charles and Charlotte before they could leave New South Wales, as by then had been decided, would be properly completed so that no matters would be left outstanding by them that could detract from his own solid reputation as a general merchant on account of his brother-in-law’s actions. The situation with Charlotte’s sister, Emma Garratt, and her family was fortunately better, because of the understanding and closeness between the two women.


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