Export and Import

  • Michael Z. Brooke
  • Peter J. Buckley


This part covers export and import—the buying and selling of goods and services across frontiers. Each aspect is considered in turn from the routes available, through the mechanics (since this is a book for the manager, the mechanics are only considered briefly and reference is made to other works for the details of documentation) to advice on foreign sales. Collaboration with third parties, like agents and distributors, is often regarded as the most difficult aspect of exporting. A chapter on this subject is followed by chapters on advertising, financing, distribution, organisation, and training. Exporting and importing are the two sides of the same activity, but the former is much more discussed than the latter. Chapter 2.9 looks at the whole process from the importer’s point of view, while chapter 2.10 is specially written for the newcomer to international trade. The use of this section is explained more fully in chapter 2.1.


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