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The snobbish Sir Walter Elliot, a widower of Kellynch Hall, has three daughters, Elizabeth and Anne, who are both unmarried, and Mary, who is married to a neighbour, Charles Musgrove. Eight years earlier, Anne was betrothed to a young naval officer, Captain Frederick Wentworth, but she was persuaded by her family and a close friend of her late mother, Lady Russell, to break the engagement because of Wentworth’s lack of prospects. She has regretted this decision ever since as she has never loved anyone but Wentworth. Increasing debts force Sir Walter to rent Kellynch Hall to Admiral Croft and his wife, who is Captain Wentworth’s sister. Sir Walter goes to live in Bath with Elizabeth and a friend of hers, the widowed Mrs Clay, who is the daughter of Sir Walter’s lawyer, Mr Shepherd. Anne stays behind, first with Lady Russell, and then with her sister Mary in the nearby village of Uppercross.


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