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A person who catches the publics fancy and becomes a recognized figure must have an image that is fairly simple and direct, one that the public can comprehend. I had been wandering through the musical wilderness in a very confused fashion for many years and the public did not know what to make of me. The abandonment of Bechet, the change from soprano sax to tenor, the idealism of the Six, were all factors that contributed to my disappearance as a public figure in jazz. Throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s I was doing nothing that was calculated to restore my image. I remember seeing a jazz encyclopedia of the period and reading the sections on Pops Foster, Jimmy Archey and Tommy Benford, all of whom were described as having played with Bob Wilber’s band. There was no section on Bob Wilber, however. When I subsequently spoke to the author he said quite simply that there was no interest in me at that time. It was as though I had ceased to exist.


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