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Edmund Blunden was 28 years old when he first met the 36-year-old Aki Hayashi in Japan during the summer of 1925. He had arrived in Japan in the spring of the previous year as a Professor of English Literature at Tokyo Imperial University (Teidai), the most prestigious educational institute in the country. His teaching post in Japan was arranged by Dr Takeshi Saito, a young, yet highly respected scholar of English literature, who was on leave in London and Oxford. Dr Saito, having been asked by his senior colleague, Professor Sanki Ichikawa, to find a suitable successor to Robert Nichols, met Blunden at Siegfried Sassoon’s home in London and was favourably impressed both by Blunden’s attentive personality and by his recognised work as a poet. Blunden had published The Waggoner in 1920, and two years later was awarded the Hawthornden Prize for The Shepherd, and Other Poems of Peace and War.


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