Key to Questions and Exercises

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(a) The slaves of the Pharaohs and the stone-cutters of the Middle Ages. (b) Because men have wanted them and imposed them. (c) The flying buttresses are a technical necessity which we accept only through familiarity, and the bell-tower is absolutely hideous. (d) A bunch of flowers, the sea, a sunset, a rainbow, a thoroughbred animal. (e) A conglomeration of girders and a sort of refinery. (f) There are no paintings by Cezanne in his native town of Aix-en-Provence. (g) All the great artists came there to train, and buyers had no other choice but to go there. (h) When she found at her head a President who loved everything young and new. (i) As a sort of aesthetic magnet which would give France her place in the world of art. (j) That he was restoring her to her rightful place.


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