Lamp Design

  • J. J. de Groot
  • J. A. J. M. van Vliet
Part of the Philips Technical Library book series (PTL)


The design of HPS lamps in general and of its discharge tube in particular, (de Groot et al., 1975; Collins and Mule, 1977; Beyer et al., 1977; Iwai et al., 1977; Denbigh, 1978; Denbigh et al., 1983, 1984, 1985) involves trying to reach a satisfactory compromise with respect to a number of design aims, such as
  • certain electrical characteristics for a given luminous flux

  • long lamp life

  • high luminous efficacy

  • sufficiently good light quality


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  • J. J. de Groot
  • J. A. J. M. van Vliet

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