The Canadian Regulatory Framework for Biotechnology

  • Jeffrey N. Gibbs
  • Iver P. Cooper
  • Bruce F. Mackler


Biotechnology has been recognized in Canada, as in most other developed nations, as a priority for research and development, leading to new opportunities for future industrial growth. In 1980, the Ministry of State for Science and Technology (MOSST) established a Task Force on Biotechnology2 to advise the Minister on the development of an effective Canadian strategy for promotion of biotechnology. The task force recommended a long-term federal funding commitment, industrial stimulation through tax incentives and technology transfer from government and university laboratories, and increased financial support to the Medical and National Research Councils (MRC and NRC) for interdisciplinary research, development and training. Priority research areas were identified in nitrogen fixation and plant strain development, human and animal health care, cellulose utilization and waste treatment, mineral leaching, and metals recovery. This National Biotechnology Strategy was adopted in 1983 by the federal government.


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  • Jeffrey N. Gibbs
  • Iver P. Cooper
  • Bruce F. Mackler

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