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In naval matters South America stands out among all the regions of the Third-World. There has been a unique expansion of naval power among South American countries resulting in heavily armed navies oriented both towards inshore/offshore territorial defence as well as to force projection in the region. Compared with the rest of the Third-World, South American countries are unusually well represented in the upper ranks of the naval hierarchy (see Table 2.5). No less than 44 per cent of all major warships and submarines ordered by Third-World countries in recent years are destined for South America (see Table 3.3) and this further illustrates the impressive fighting capabilities of a sizable number of South American navies. Licensed production is not included in import figures and when all indigenous production is taken into account the South American navies are seen to be even more impressive in a Third-World context. Argentina and Brazil which are responsible for two of the three Third-World rank 6 navies are particularly strong in indigenous military and naval production (see Chapter 3).


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