The Nature of the Scare

  • Philip A. G. Sabin


In the early 1970s, little seems to have been further from people’s minds than the possibility of a Third World War. The few opinion polls which were taken on the subject reveal a lower level of anxiety than at any time since 1945.1 This complacency was understandable. The Vietnam conflict was drawing to a close, and President Nixon went so far as to say that, ‘I seriously doubt if we will ever have another war. This is probably the very last one.’2 Negotiations between East and West flourished, producing major deals such as the 1972 Strategic Arms Limitation Agreement and the 1975 Helsinki Accords on European Security. Britain’s Prime Minister spoke of a halcyon era in overseas relations, and strategic commentator Alastair Buchan drew parallels with ‘la belle epoque’ and with the Peace of Westphalia.3 The prevailing optimism was well expressed in the following passage by Michael Howard:

Today we are living in an age of peace which is quite unprecedented, first in the length of time it has lasted — some 20 years or more — and secondly in intensity; in the degree to which people feel that there will not be another major war. The existence of nuclear weapons, the perception that any major conflict will be nuclear and therefore inconceivable and intolerable, and the determination not to conceive of it or tolerate it — this is something almost totally new in intellectual history.4


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