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The central focus of The Changeling is the relationship of Beatrice and De Flores. These two characters are presented with a fullness of detail, and a degree of psychological realism lacking in the presentation of the other characters. In the play as a whole the degree of characterisation varies considerably. The other characters serve as means by which Beatrice, De Flores and their actions are highlighted and understood, and the dramatists’ treatment of them varies according to their function. Alsemero and Vermandero who are closely involved in the main action are not as fully developed as Beatrice and De Flores, but some complexities of character and individual details are suggested. In contrast, there are a number of dramatic types; Tomazo, the revenger, Alibius, the foolish, jealous husband, and Lollio, the comic servant, who would have been familiar to the audience from innumerable plays of the period. The characters of the subplot are not developed. Isabella serves as a contrast to Beatrice, whilst Antonio and Franciscus are simply examples of the foolishness into which men can be led by love. These examples serve to establish and reinforce a point of view on the actions of the main plot.


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