Towards the Territorial Generalization of Crisis: Peru, 1980–1984

  • David Slater
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At the end of the previous chapter, I signalled my intention to re-examine the major contours of the regional problem in the post-1980 period. In this final chapter of the Peruvian case study, I want to consider a number of issues surrounding the continuing effervescence of regional social conflicts in the 1980–1984 years, with an associated evaluation of steps towards a regionalization of the state. In so doing, I shall draw out a number of discontinuities with earlier modalities of the regional question, as discussed in Chapter 3; also, in the same context, I shall attempt to define the novelty of recent regional mobilizations, as situated in a general political setting. A key element of the discussion will concern the relations of regional movements to state power, and the political implications of a trend towards the territorial generalization of social crisis.


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