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A Visit to Johnson

  • Sarah More
Part of the Interviews and Recollections book series (IR)


He was no sooner gone, than the most amiable and obliging of women [Miss Reynolds] ordered the coach, to take us to Dr Johnson’s very own house; yes, Abyssinia’s Johnson! Dictionary Johnson! Rambler’s, Idler’s, and Irene’s Johnson! Can you picture to yourselves the palpitation of our hearts as we approached his mansion. The conversation turned upon a new work of his, just going to the press, (the Tour to the Hebrides), and his old friend Richardson. Mrs Williams, the blind poet,1 who lives with him, was introduced to us. She is engaging in her manners; her conversation lively and entertaining. Miss Reynolds told the doctor of all our rapturous exclamations on the road. He shook his scientific head at Hannah, and said, ‘She was a silly thing.’ When our visit was ended, he called for his hat (as it rained) to attend us down a very long entry to our coach, and not Rasselas could have acquitted himself more en cavalier. We are engaged with him at Sir Joshua’s, Wednesday evening. What do you think of us?


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