Rhythm, Language and Style

  • Katharine Worth
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The rhythm of Happy Days is not altogether easy to feel for oneself from the text alone. It is made up in a remarkable way from two separate rhythms, that of the speaking voice and of small, apparently insignificant bodily movements. Timing of absolute precision is demanded: this we can indeed observe in the text, as in Winnie’s opening prayer:

(gazing at zenith). Another heavenly day. (Pause. Head back level, eyes front, pause. She clasps hands to breast, closes eyes. Lips move in inaudible prayer, say ten seconds. Lips still. Hands remain clasped. Low.) For Jesus Christ sake Amen. (Eyes open, hands unclasp, return to mound. Pause. She clasps hands to breast again, closes eyes, lips move again in inaudible addendum, say five seconds. Low.) World without end Amen.

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