The Beast

  • Mohammad Shaheen


The city woke to a sound which came from behind the hills, and it was engulfed in blackness (it was the sound of voices, like a warning hooter to give notice of the approach of danger). The city was wrapped in a blue cloak, speckled with dim little stars. A chilly autumn wind wandered among the maze of alleys and penetrated the cracks of houses which slept on a volcano of fear. Years before, the voices had warned of danger when a ravening beast had swept over the peaceful land on the opposite bank of the river which ran before the city. Ever since the Beast had overrun this land, clouds black as pitch had gathered, filling the blue sky and forming a dark veil between the sun and the earth. The roses which decked the faces of gardens in their season withered; the free chirping of the sparrows died away; the river ran on in mournful silence, yet still it ran on.


Arid Desert Desert Sand Opposite Bank Blood Stain Brown Body 
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