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Each of the fifty-five chapters of Emma is examined below from two points of view:
  1. (1)

    the content of the chapter (i.e. a brief summary of the main incidents it contains and its contribution to the development of the action)

  2. (2)

    points of interest in relation to criticism and interpretation (the most important of these are discussed more thoroughly in Chapters 3 and 4).

Note When Emma was originally published in three volumes, each volume numbered the chapters from 1 onwards: the first volume contained eighteen chapters, the second also eighteen, and the final volume contained nineteen. Some modern editions retain this numbering, but others number the chapters straight through from 1 to 55. For ease of reference, both systems of numbering are used below, the indication in parenthesis referring to the original volume and chapter numbers: thus 20 (II, 2) means that the chapter in question was the second in the second volume.


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