Writing Your Own Applications

  • Dennis Longley
  • Michael Shain


A successful business system comprises hardware, operating system, application packages, associated clerical and operating procedures. Every business has its own unique features and it will be impossible to purchase an ‘off the shelf’ system which is ‘tailor made’ to an individual requirement. The purchaser of a computer system has three choices of action:
  • To commission a consultant to produce a turnkey system

  • Purchase hardware, software and applications packages to cover the major part of the requirements and then seek, or write, the remaining application programs.

  • Purchase the hardware, software and then seek, or write, all the application packages

Commissioning a turnkey system removes all the system’s analysis and computing problems from the user. The consultants will study the business in question, determine hardware requirements, develop custom made software, produce system documentation and operating procedures, negotiate hardware purchases, train staff, install the system and commission it, leaving the user with only the bill to worry about.


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