Acquisitions and Consolidation: The Inchcape Group, 1958–84

  • Stephanie Jones
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The newly-formed Group of Companies, after its successful launch in the autumn of 1958 as Inchcape & Co. Limited emerged from its first year of trading with justified confidence in the future. The Group’s market capitalisation on 3 November 1958 was £2.565m, with a mid-market price of 28s 6d[142½p] for its 1.8m issued £1 Ordinary shares. By the accounting date of 31 March 1960, although no further shares had yet been issued, the Group’s market capitalisation exceeded £4m, based on the mid-market price that day of 44s 6d(222½p], In that short time the profit available for distribution to ordinary shareholders had increased from £280 000 to over £400 000 after tax, with earnings per share of 22.33p equivalent, an increase of 44 per cent over the previous year.


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