• Fakhruddin Daghestani
  • Ruhi Sharif
  • Daud Jabaji


Expenditure by the Arab World in the construction sector during 1982 has been estimated to be one hundred billion dollars. A total of seven billion dollars of this sum was spent on consulting and engineering services, which were mainly provided by firms in developed countries. A significant portion of the construction itself was also handled by contractors from developed countries. Construction activities in the Arab World have not halted and are not even about to slow down. On the contrary, what has been accomplished during the last few years constitutes the beginning of sustained growth into the future. The growth of the construction sector has occurred in oil-exporting as well as in oil-importing Arab countries.

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  • Fakhruddin Daghestani
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  • Ruhi Sharif
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  • Daud Jabaji
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