1985: The Child, the Priest and the Crowd

  • Leonard Davis


For some people in the Philippines 1985 was probably neither worse nor better than 1984, 1983, 1982 or 1981 … A few made a great deal of money — mainly through exploitation and unfair practice; very many others suffered harassment, arrest, fear — and death. All sectors of the community were affected: children, adults, church workers and priests. Expectations and aspirations changed overnight. Families mourned. Communities grieved. Life goes on for those whose families were disrupted, for those whose families were torn apart. But things can never be the same again. The reality of poverty may strike forcibly and permanently following the death of the breadwinner; a child may be psychologically damaged by a harrowing experience; parents may never recover from the death of their child; and a community may become fragmented — and deteriorate — after the assassination of a charismatic leader. These events occurred each day in the Philippines throughout 1985: the result of greed, corruption and indifference. The likelihood of real change in 1986 or 1987 seems remote.


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