Being Self-employed

  • Carol Parsons


Being self-employed is a dream that thousands of workers have. Over the years I have taught many hairdressing students, nearly all of whom wanted to work for themselves. This is understandable as working for yourself sounds a very attractive idea. Unfortunately, there always seems to be someone like me to pour cold water on the idea and dampen your enthusiasm. You see, being self-employed can be a dream but it can also be a nightmare. Let’s look at the dream first; you can do what you want when you want to do it; you do not need anyone’s permission if you want to do something; you can work as many or as few hours as you wish. While you have been working hard for someone else they have had all the profits and paid you a wage. Hairdressing wages are known to be low and they are bound to be substantially less than you charge the client. Now, if you own the salon, the money comes to you.


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