City of Words, Streets of Dreams: The Voyage of Ulysses

  • Colin MacCabe
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Ulysses is a voyage through meaning: a voyage through all the discourses available in English in 1904. As Bloom and Stephen move through Dublin so the writing moves through the city of words that is English. And in this attention to discourses it is not simply the reality represented by language that is in question but the desire that speaks through language. In the analysis of George Eliot’s texts it was indicated how the appeal to a final meta-language involved the denial of the existence of desire in the affirmation of a full presence for both subject and object. It was suggested that one could read against the metalanguage of these neurotic texts and that the process of reading was thus transformed into an active operation by the reader in which the reader’s discourses and those of the text could meet to produce new discourses in which the subject’s place was no longer assured.


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