The Crucial Role of Communications

  • Sandy McLachlan


It was perfectly obvious from the genesis of the consortium solution that one of the prerequisites for success would be a massive campaign of educating, informing and persuading people that this novel idea was in their best interests. Clearly, financial benefits in the technical form of future dividends and possible capital appreciation would not be enough to ensure success, and some 40,000 NFC employees and pensioners — or at least a good proportion of them — had to be convinced that this was their scheme, and that NFC p.l.c. would be their company: a simple management buy-out would never have been able to raise the necessary funds, and nor would it have fulfilled the Consortium’s genuine visionary aim of constructing an entirely new type of industrial structure. It was equally obvious that this massive communications exercise would have to be tackled at crash speed, since the original timetable aimed at publishing the Prospectus in September, and having the whole deal sewn up by October.


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