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Although successive British governments have pursued the traditional aim of providing ‘a decent home for every family at a price within their means’, official figures show that in 1977 there were still one and a quarter million households (that is, about 8 per cent of the total) living in dwellings that either lacked basic amenities or were deemed unfit for habitation. Moreover over one million other households were living in dwellings which were officially designated as in a state of serious disrepair (i.e. requiring repairs costing more than £1000 at 1971 prices). In addition to substandard dwelling conditions, approximately 600 000 households were either sharing accommodation unwillingly or living in overcrowded conditions. In total, official figures suggest that in 1977 approximately two million households were living in unsatisfactory housing conditions; this represented over one in ten households. (In fact, unofficial estimates suggest that housing conditions are even worse than this, and that over three million households live in unsatisfactory conditions. See Lansley, 1980.) So much for a decent home for every family!


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