Significance of in vivo and in vitro metabolic studies of tumour-produced proteins

  • G. Mariani
  • P. W. Sullivan
  • E. A. McGuire
  • K. R. McIntire
  • R. H. Adamson
  • T. A. Waldmann


Recent years have witnessed growing interest and intense expectation in the areas of the immunodiagnosis of cancer and the evaluation (both for staging and for monitoring) of cancer patients. This is largely due to recent methodological advances in radioimmunoassay and other immunological techniques that are both highly sensitive and exquisitely specific. The number of tumour markers described in the literature is extremely high, whether this term is restricted to the purely oncodevelopmental, or oncofetal, proteins (those present in the biological fluids of the fetus and of patients with certain forms of cancer, but absent, or in exceedingly low concentrations, in the serum of normal adults) or extended to include the more general definition of tumour-produced, or tumour-related, proteins (such as, for instance, the Bence-Jones proteins of myeloma).


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  • G. Mariani
  • P. W. Sullivan
  • E. A. McGuire
  • K. R. McIntire
  • R. H. Adamson
  • T. A. Waldmann

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