Antidepressants and components of the beta adrenoceptor system: studies on zimelidine

  • R. Klysner
  • A. Geisler
  • P. Andersen


Treatment of rats with a number of antidepressants for one to several weeks leads to a decrease in the density of beta adrenoceptors in the cerebral cortex and other brain regions (Bergstrom and Kellar, 1979; Maggi et al., 1980). This reduction is accompanied by a concomitant decrease in the beta adrenoceptormediated cyclic AMP accumulation (Vetulani et al., 1976; Wolfe et al., 1978). Similar beta adrenoceptor alterations are also evoked by other antidepressant treatments. Thus, treatment with electro-convulsive therapy and monoamine oxidase inhibitors also induce beta adrenoceptor down-regulation (Gillespie et al., 1979; Sellinger-Barnette et al., 1980). The antidepressant treatments, however, have to be administered for a clinically relevant period of time before the changes are observable, whereas a single treatment does not change the number of beta adrenoceptors nor the associated cyclic AMP accumulation (Sarai et al., 1978; Vetulani et al., 1976; Wolfe et al., 1978).


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