At Kelly’s Pawn Office

  • Dominic Behan
Part of the Interviews and Recollections book series (IR)


‘Why are yeh all dressed up at this hour of the mornin’?’ asked Da. ‘Are yeh not goin’ to your work?’ We were standing outside the parlour door, and I put a finger to my lips, bidding him speak softly. ‘I’m goin’ somewhere today and I don’t want the other fella to know.’ My father hunched his shoulders, as much as to say, ‘Between yeh it is’, and as he opened the hall door and the weatherboard struck the stone step my mother came out of the kitchen and whispered, ‘Don’t be makin’ so much noise. Poor Brendan has a sick head.’ Da laughed, and left with a glance over his shoulder at Ma, and the valedictory, ‘Poor Benjamin, while I’m away to my nice warm work he’ll have to lie all day in that cold ould bed.’


Corn Kelly Aired Chalk Brendan 


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