The Cold War, First Round, 1948

  • Elisabeth Barker


The US government, seeking the backing of Congress and the American people for an economic rescue operation in Europe, was able to ride on a wave of anti-Soviet feeling, an emotional belief that the American mission was to destroy the evil of world communism. The mood in Britain was different. Austerity of life more severe than in the war years, strict rationing of food and petrol, and harsh memories of the bitter cold of 1947 were offset by hopes of the new welfare state and national health service and, for some, a pride in the country’s striving for greater social and economic justice and equality: these were the things that filled the minds and daily lives of ordinary people. In the Labour Party the left wingers might have lost their simple faith in the Soviet Union as a ‘socialist’ state, but they were not ready for an anticommunist crusade, especially if it was American-led and therefore, in their eyes, likely to be naive or dangerous or both.


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