Political Opinion Polling in Australia

  • Ian McNair
  • Frank Teer


There are four major polling organisations in Australia:

The Roy Morgan Research Centre Pty Ltd produces the Morgan Gallup Poll which is published in the Australian weekly news magazine The Bulletin and also (at federal election times only) in The Australian and The Weekend Australian. The organisation is the Australian Gallup Poll affiliate and has been conducting political opinion polls ever since it was formed in 1941 by Roy Morgan. Up to and including the 1969 federal election, this was the only organisation that regularly conducted political polls. Until 1973 the poll was known as the Australian Gallup Poll and was published in various newspapers throughout Australia.

McNair Anderson Associates Pty Ltd does the fieldwork and data processing for Australian Public Opinion Polls (using the Gallup Method). These polls are published in The Herald and The Sun News-Pictorial (Melbourne), The Sun and The Sun-Herald (Sydney), The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), The Advertiser (Adelaide), The West Australian (Perth) and The Mercury (Hobart) and have by far the greatest exposure of any Australian poll. Majority ownership in the company is now held by the UK’s AGB Research Ltd. The organisation has been conducting regular political polls since 1973, when it was awarded the APOP Gallup contract in place of Morgan Research. The organisation is the result of a merger in 1973 between McNair Surveys and the Anderson Analysis, which were formed in 1944 by Bill McNair and George Anderson respectively.


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