The Isle of Men (II)

  • Miriam Kochan


On 29 August 1940 the young Baruch Emanuel wrote to his Aunt Rosi in Manchester from Hutchinson camp on the Isle of Man, ‘I was, as you may already know, interned on 12 July and almost immediately taken with two other young men from my Beit Chalutz [hostel for agricultural “pioneers”] to Douglas, Isle of Man. The camp here is quite wonderful. We have a meadow where we can stay out in fine weather. Every day there is either a walk or we go swimming. We are three minutes from the sea here and always pass Central camp when we bathe. During the day I work in the shoemakers’ workshop, where I am very well treated… please give Uncle Isskar my good wishes. He should be as happy in his internment-camp as I am here.’


Carbohydrate Bromide Stake Shoe Drone 


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