State of the Art of Electron Beam Technology for Metal Removal, Welding and Heat Treatment Processes

  • K. H. Steigerwald


Various advanced machining and heat treatment processes are based on the application of the electron beam as a thermal tool. High power concentration, precise and reprodu-cible adjustability of parameters as well as controllability of position without effects of inertia are some of its most important features. Depending on specific energy input, the technical effects are ranging from superficial heating up to vaporization of matter. All electron beam processes excel in high yield of applied energy and speed.

This paper deals with some techniques within in field of metals technology: the present state of perforating, welding, fusion treatment and hardening is characterized in brief. In recent years the available and technically applicable beam power increased strongly and overstepped the figure of 100 kW. Important progress has been achieved with regard to automatic process control.


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