Structural Adjustments and International Trade

  • Jacques De Bandt


The present-day emphasis on structural adjustments and on policies designed to promote them is no doubt a result of the crisis and the situation of latent recession being experienced by the industrialised countries, particularly in Europe. The crisis has revealed various structural maladjustments, while the ineffectiveness of global policies indicates that structural treatment is required.


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    This text borrows a number of passages from a text published in French and entitled ‘Eléments de réflexion à propos des ajustements structurels aux échanges internationaux’, in J. De Bandt, S. McDowall and M. Tharakan, Ajustements aux Echanges et Industries du Jute, (Paris: Cujas, 1979).Google Scholar
  2. 3.
    Cf. on this theme, EEC, ibid., and also, for an application of this concept, J. De Bandt, and K. Sipek, Préférences de Structure et Optimisation de la Structure Industrielle (Paris: Cujas, 1979).Google Scholar

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