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In Ceylon

  • Achsah Brewster
Part of the Interviews and Recollections book series (IR)


After our arrival in Ceylon, with much searching we had found a home of our own, ‘Ardnaree’. It stood on a hill amidst great groves and jungles, high over the Lake of Kandy. Here Lawrence and Frieda joined us. Pepper-vines and crimson cocoa-pods festooned the drives, jak and breadfruit trees spread out their green, slender areca palms shot into the air. It was a beautiful spot, with magnificent views from every side of our hill, and the broad verandahs gave each of us a quiet corner of our own. I remember their arrival and Frieda’s exclaiming that it was the loveliest spot in the world and Lawrence’s saying, ‘I shall never leave it.’ That was the first day.


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