Bernard Shaw and Sean O’Casey: An Unrecorded Friendship

  • E. H. Mikhail


When St John Ervine’s biography Bernard Shaw: His Life, Works and Friends appeared in 1956, Dr Ronald Ayling, a very close friend of Sean O’Casey, wrote to Ervine saying that the one fault in his book was his failure to record O’Casey’s relations with Shaw. Ervine wrote back in a letter dated 12 September 1957, saying that O’Casey was not one of Shaw’s friends, and that he could not record something that ‘never existed as an important fact’. Dr Ayling forwarded this letter to O’Casey, who said in his reply of 3 November 1957:

I wonder how and where St. John Ervine got his dogmatism? He is more dogmatic on everything under the sun than a newly-fledged Irish Bishop.


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