Regional Development in Portugal (1929–1977): an Assessment

  • Jean Mayer


The present paper will have three sections. First, the evolution of regional1 disparities in Portugal in the last decades will be presented, under such headings as demographic and economic structures, living conditions and employment creation. Secondly, from an analysis of the plan documents, together with an overview of the decision-making structures, critical observations will be offered with regard to the strengthening throughout the successive planning periods from 1953 onwards of the industrial basis of the two urban metropolises and the well-off coastal regions. Finally, it will be pointed out that a reversal of this trend will only be made possible by the adoption of a radically different strategy, such as the one suggested in the great options of the medium-term plan, 1977–80; being both distributive, attacking poverty and based on the real resources and basic needs and regions, its originality consists in the fact that it combines production and well-being.


Regional Development Regional Disparity Employment Creation Location Quotient Global Planning 
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