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‘A Faultless Host’ (and a ‘Delightful Hostess’)

  • Henry Compton
  • Emmeline Compton
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My intimacy with the great Novelist commenced before my marriage, more than forty years ago, at a period when the Stage occupied a considerable share o f his time and attention. It was on the occasion of one of a series of amateur theatricals instituted by Dickens… Then, and on many subsequent occasions, I had the honour of acting with Dickens and his distinguished company, and, although appearing with ‘Amateurs’, I always realised that Dickens was an Actor whose tact, talent, and resource would be equal to any emergency that might arise. These theatrical tours are among my most cherished recollections. They were a triumphant success from beginning to end. I fully concur in all that has been written in praise of his extraordinary powers both as Actor and Manager, but, notwithstanding this, I do not think that, had he adopted the Stage as a profession, he would have been a genius like Kemble or Macready.


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