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Conversations in 1860

  • Philip Collins
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Dickens had not read Jane Eyre and said he never would as he disapproved of the whole school. [This apropos of Miss Hogarth saying that it was an unhealthy book]1 He had not read Wuthering Heights....2 Spurgeon’s behaviour at a German church being discussed he thought that Spurgeon was quite right in getting impatient over the doctrine of baptism and Heaven knew that he was no friend of Spurgeon’s. Speaking of Sir Alexander Cockburn, Dickens said he struck one as being and looking the sharpest man I ever saw. He has most varied accomplishments — is a very good linguist, and musician has a great knowledge of horse flesh, and is very well acquainted with literature. He is a man of the world but most courteous in his demeanour and jolly as a sandboy. He was a fellow student of Bulwer’s at College. [Speaking of T. K. Hervey.] He and his wife corresponded before they were married — he represented himself as most attractive. They met she shrieked and married him. His wife is always sending contributions to All the Year Round. Lever was a very good whist player and was an army surgeon. Talking of the Wakley action] Denman had told him that he believed Wakley’s statement to be perfectly true.


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