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The Squire of Gad’s Hill

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Mr. Henry Whitehead … well remembers Charles Dickens when the latter was living at Gadshill, where Whitehead was a schoolboy. In the fields near to Gadshill House Whitehead and other boys were accustomed to spend their half-holidays in scaring birds from the crops and otherwise diverting themselves. ‘Dickens,’ said Mr. Whitehead, ‘in his gaiters, and with his stick and dog, often used to come and talk to us in the course of his walks.’ On one memorable occasion he even joined the youngsters in an impromptu meal of roasted potatoes in the hedge bottom. It so happened that Whitehead was knocked down by a passing vehicle in the main road near Dickens’s residence, and he still recalls with peculiar pleasure the kind way in which Dickens came out from his house and rendered ‘first aid’. He took quite a fatherly interest in the progress of the lad’s recovery, and constantly sent to inquire about him.1


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