Changing Views from an Ivory Tower

  • John D. Hargreaves


Those whose studies seek to discern deep currents of historical change are often surprised by the role which chance has played in their own lives. I became a student of history because a prolonged teenage illness induced an interest in the political news-reporting of 1938 and because this interest was then seized and developed by a gifted teacher of European history, Leslie Gilbert. I became interested in the non-European world because miscellaneous military duties in Malaya during 1946 introduced me to a society of whose rich historical background my courses in wartime Manchester had said little. I began to think specifically (and ignorantly) about Africa because, on returning to study European diplomacy in Manchester, I was privileged to enjoy the friendship of a remarkable Nigerian fellow-student, Eni Njoku. By 1952 I had married a wife who was also anxious to work overseas for a time: a job in Malaya might still have been tempting, but Fourah Bay College advertised first; and my intellectual course was set for a quarter-century.


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