Recollections and Reflections on Maynard Keynes

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This will be an untidy, discursive, muddled sort of paper reflecting my own very untidy mind and also the manner in which the paper itself came into existence. It started as a personal reminiscence pure and simple; as such it was really too purely anecdotal. I then added a certain number of speculations arising out of my memories of Keynes, and the result is, of course, a rather ungainly hybrid. My defence must be this: it is now twenty-seven years since the publication of Harrod’s biography, an extraordinarily thorough piece of work but one which, in the light of more recent knowledge and more recently acquired liberties, stands in need of revision. Sooner or later someone will want to rewrite Harrod; very likely, it is being done already. As I well know, the biographer is omnivorous; let his appetites be my excuse.


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