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On the occasion of the last Keynes Seminar I was able to observe the subject under discussion from the standpoint of my own subject, but this time the theme and the detail of the subject matter defy any such possibility. I can only remark that to me it seems that some people have led not only interesting, but also unconventional, lives and that it is gratifying to know that their number includes the great, even if the great in this context, through their associations and their activities, appear to have been more than a little public to an extent which might seem to us in the 1970s a somewhat self-conscious exercise. We are grateful however that they had Keynes amongst them, for were this not so then our afternoon could not have held appeal to such a wide audience. In closing I would like to express our wish that many of you will return to the next Keynes Seminar, and on behalf of the College and the University to thank our learned speakers and the discussants for their contributions, together with Mr Farmiloe and the Macmillan Press who will again be publishing the proceedings.

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