Participation of endorphins in the regulation of pituitary function

  • A. Guidotti
  • L. Grandison


Long before the discovery of endogenous opiate peptides, pharmacologists and neuroendocrinologists knew that there were several points of interaction between opiate drugs and endocrine systems. Narcotic analgesics, including morphine, are known to alter ACTH, GH (Gold and Ganong, 1967; George, 1971), prolactin (PRL) (Ojeda et al. 1974; Martin et al. 1975) and LH (Barraclough and Sawyer, 1955) release. Loss of sexual desire, abnormal menses, infertility and spontaneous abortion are frequently observed in addicted patients (George, 1971; Hollister, 1973). Lately, the isolation and identification of endogenous opiate peptides in the brain of all mammalian species studied (Cox et al. 1976; Terenius and Wahlstr00F6m, 1975; Hughes et al. 1975; Pasternak et al. 1975) and the synthesisof an impressive series of derivatives of these peptides with hormone releasing action (Lien etal. 1976; Shaar etal. 1977; Cusan et al. 1977) have contributed several lines of indirect evidence suggesting that these endogenous opiate-like peptides may have physiological roles in the control of neuroendocrine function.


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