The World They Have Lost

  • David McCrone
  • Brian Elliott
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Our interviews with individual landlords in Edinburgh took place in the mid-1970s, and in order fully to appreciate the political views and judgements that we gathered, it is necessary to set them in context, to sketch some major features of this remarkable period. It was a time of extraordinary turbulence — politically, economically, and socially. There had been two general elections in 1974 (in February and October of that year). The first of these had led to the defeat of the Conservative government, and in much of the right-wing press this was characterised as ‘Heath [the Prime Minister] being brought down by the power of organised labour’ — in particular by the miners. The second election, although it did not produce for Labour the hoped-for large parliamentary majority, did confirm that Party’s earlier victory over the Tories, and seemed to guarantee that Harold Wilson and his colleagues would be able to form an administration that would endure for something like a normal term.


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