The Person of Christ

  • Hywel D. Lewis
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One of the distinctive words of our times is ‘relevance’. Everything has to be relevant. Some of our students will not begin, or continue, their courses without constant assurance of their relevance. I have often wondered, in a mildly whimsical way, how things might have gone if I and some of my friends, in my student days, had called upon that notable scholar, the late Professor James Gibson (author of a well-known work on John Locke), or his remarkably versatile colleague, Professor Hudson Williams who taught us Greek, to tell them that what they taught us, about the ancient Greeks and their ways, was hardly relevant to us today. They were both very courteous and kindly persons, and both in their ways rather remote and shy. They would certainly have been much embarrassed, and there would have been much coughing and floundering. Perhaps it is best not to speculate further.


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